TextMeAnywhere Helps Retailers Manage COVID-19 Curbside Pickup Logistics Through Text

Unite Communications’ recently launched TextMeAnywhere solution helps retailers manage customer curbside pickup during COVID-19 by introducing an easy to use web application that transforms an existing landline, VoIP, or Toll Free number of a business into a textable number.

COVID-19 physical distancing orders mandate that retailers reduce store capacity so customers can remain two meters apart. Curbside pickup is a great option for customers that want to purchase an item online and pick up the same day without having to go into the store.

Retailers have had to quickly adapt to adopt this new option, frequently running into logistics issues when their business phone numbers are landlines. They have had to ask staff to manage multiple phone calls, send emails that get stuck in spam, or purchase mobile phones and numbers to not have to ask staff to use their personal mobiles. 

Retailers deemed essential had an advantage because they were forced to adapt from the beginning and provide curbside pickup as the only option, but now other retailers are beginning to follow. Curbside pickup is an easy, convenient option to offer customers and the TextMeAnywhere solution makes the logistics behind it just as easy and convenient for any retailer.

Here’s a quick explainer video:

For additional information and updates, visit www.textmeanywhere.com

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