Apple Faces A Multi-State “Batterygate” Investigation

If Apple thought that this settlement for their “Batterygate” issues would put it to bed, they were wrong. Arizona is leading a multi-U.S. state probe into whether Apple’s deliberate slowing of older iPhones violated deceptive trade practice laws:

Arizona is leading a multi-U.S. state probe into whether Apple Inc’s deliberate slowing of older iPhones violated deceptive trade practice laws, documents reviewed by Reuters on Wednesday showed. 

Last week, a separate document released by a tech watchdog group showed the Texas attorney general might sue Apple for such violations in connection with a multi-state probe, without specifying charges. 

In the ongoing probe since at least October 2018, investigators have asked Apple for data about “unexpected shutdowns” of iPhones and the company’s throttling, or slowing down, of the devices through power management software, documents Reuters obtained through a public records request showed.

The attorneys general offices in Arizona and Texas declined to comment. Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Well, that’s a problem for Apple. It means that this issue will stay in the news longer. And it’s entirely possible that other states will jump on the bandwagon which is something else that Apple likely doesn’t want. IT should be interesting to see Apple respond to this latest “Batterygate” crisis.

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