A CANADIAN Support Document Has Been Found Referencing The Apple Card…. A Sign Of Things To Come?

The folks at iPhone In Canada posted an article on the Apple Card yesterday and whether it is coming to Canada or not. In that story they referenced a support document that is on Apple Canada site that details how to apply for the card. Here’s a picture of the document in case Apple nukes it:

You’ll note that I circled the URL bar. Here’s a closer look:

Okay… So this is coming from the Apple Canada website. Interesting. But this could simply be a mistake rather than a sign that the Apple Card is coming to Canada. After all, I was tracking a story about Apple Cash coming to Canada where I saw signs of it on my Apple Watch back in 2018. But that didn’t pan out. So I decided to try and debunk this. I decided to go to the UK Apple site as well as a few other geographies. I could not find this document on anything other than the US and Canadian websites.

That’s interesting.

Now this could be mistake by Apple as they have been known to make mistakes like this. And if Apple deletes it, then we’ll know that this is the case. But it is possible that iPhone In Canada is on to something. We’ll just have to watch this space to find out more.

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