Microsoft Gaming Exec Files Court Document Supporting Epic Games

One of the things that is at the center of the Epic Games vs. Apple battle is that the Unreal Engine that is used by many third party developers use. Apple has threatened to cut off access to their development tools, and this if acted upon will end up having these third party developers being collateral damage in this fight as it would leave developers who have nothing to do with this fight unable to use the Unreal Engine as it would not be updated. Now I’ve said that this is an unforced error by Apple, and it seems that Microsoft agrees. Microsoft gaming executive Kevin Gammill wrote this [Warning: PDF]:

“Apple’s discontinuation of Epic’s ability to develop and support Unreal Engine for iOS or macOS will harm game creators and gamers.”

And Microsoft has a stake in this. Microsoft’s own racing game Forza Street for iPhone and iPad use the Unreal Engine. And by not having access to it will put game makers who use the Unreal Engine at a disadvantage according to Gammill. And the fact that he would file a court document like this to put this on record says something. That will get the attention of both those in the legal community, and those in the political space. Something that will ultimately come back to haunt Apple. If I were them, I would be rethinking this strategy. Because if they don’t, it won’t end well for them.

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