Withings Health Mate For iOS Crashing For Many Users…. And This Isn’t The First Time This Has Happened [UPDATED]

Withings is a popular choice for people who want high tech gear to help manage their health. They make smart scales, smart watches, smart thermometers and the like and are sold in places like the Apple Store. All of this gear tied their cloud services. And at present it appears that they have an issue with their cloud services in relation to those who are on iOS. Reports started to filter in that the iOS app would crash upon starting. Since I have one of their smart scales, I was able to screen record this issue so you can see what I am talking about:

What’s interesting is that the first time you run it, it crashes. But when you check to see what’s running, Health Mate is still running. When you access it, it crashes again. I am able to replicate this on multiple devices and my wife was able to replicate this as well. The reason why I know that this is a back end issue with Withings cloud services is that if you put your phone into airplane mode, it will not crash. That implies that the app itself isn’t the issue.

Checking the Withings forums, you can find that this has happened before. This thread was started about two years ago and a recent post indicates you should be running version 5.0 to avoid this. Well, I am running 5.0.2 and so is my wife and I still have the issue. Three other threads have been spun up reporting this issue as well. It isn’t clear if Withings is working on this, but there’s clearly an issue that Withings has had before that they clearly can’t wrap their arms around as this shouldn’t be happening.

The only work around that I can see is to log into their web portal and see your info there. But you can’t configure your Withings gear from there, and some Withings gear requires you to use the app to use the gear in question. So clearly Withings needs to put their big boy pants on and address this issue quickly. Because this is the sort of thing that leaves a bad taste in users mouths and make them look for other products from other companies who might deliver more reliable service.

UPDATE: Withings is apparently aware of this:

UPDATE #2: I might have found a POSSIBLE fix for this. Details here.

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