OVHcloud Announces Hosted Private Cloud Premier

OVHcloud today announced the launch of its new Premier hosted private cloud product line.  The release of Premier follows the company being named a “strong performer” by Forrester in the “Hosted Private Cloud North America 2020 Wave” report issued last month. The unification of its private cloud solutions and the isolation of the Group’s offering from the Cloud Act, was well receivedThe pricing criteria achieved the highest score possible, confirming OVHcloud’s commitment to offering trusted cloud solutions with a predictable, totally transparent price (available online, without any hidden costs).

OVHcloud’s expertise, combined with a strong partner ecosystem

With 10 years of expertise in hosted private cloud solutions, OVHcloud offers robust, scalable, and highly automated infrastructure that meets professional requirements for operating critical environments and performing intensive workloads. The Group also offers a wide range of certifications, addressing the needs of the financial sector in order to comply with the PCI Security Council standards (PCIDSS) or the healthcare sector.

This new generation of Hosted Private Cloud is the result of a close collaboration with OVHcloud’s technology partners, since it integrates multiple divisions of hardware and software: offering a choice of new components – including the latest generation of Intel CPUs – where network and storage are completely redesigned. All these innovations, verified in R&D for several months, are now exclusively integrated into production. In addition, OVHcloud’s customers can benefit from the integration, managed services support and consultation of an ecosystem of 800 certified OVHcloud Partner Program partners to support them implement these innovative solutions.

More performance for mission-critical and resource-intensive applications

Accessible to all OVHcloud customers around the world, Hosted Private Cloud Premier offerscompanies a wide range of solutions with unique advantages:

A broader range of 7 standard hosts, complemented by 3 new hyperconverged hostreferences that rely on VMware vSAN technology and range from 48GB to 768GB ofRAM, for better performance and reduced latency, ideal for critical applications;

  • NFS datastores up to 6TB, providing storage capacity at an unmatched price-performance ratio that allows professionals to store data in the data centers of theirchoice (7 locations worldwide[1]) with confidence;
  • Private and public network access with more capacity – up to 25 Gbps to improve application performance;
  • A full range of VMware software: vCenter, vSphere version 6.7 (Enterprise Plus license),vSAN, and NSX. Hosted Private Cloud Premier also integrates VMware’s vRealizeOperations brick at no additional cost to facilitate access to infrastructure monitoring andcapacity planning. The Hosted Private Cloud offering is based on the foundation ofVMware standards and guarantees total technological reversibility;
  • Simple, competitive and predictable pricing for customers to control their budget.

Hosted Private Cloud Premier will be complemented by the introduction of another line, HostedPrivate Cloud Essentials, offering simple, secure, efficient and accessible virtualization solutions that are especially suited to “digital natives”, startups, and SMBs.

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