Guest Post: Hisense Has Some Must-Haves For Your Student’s School-Year Living Space

We may be in unprecedented times, and this fall and the return to school won’t be like any other, but there will still be students heading off to university or college — and for many of the first-year students they’re heading out on their own for the first time.

When sending your child out into the world, it’s a good idea to make sure they are properly equipped for the journey. Specifically, they have been used to living at home and sharing all of the amenities that make a house a home. When they are headed to their student living arrangements — whether on campus or off — it’s a good idea to ensure that a few must-have items are around to make their school year that much better.

The folks at Hisense Canada offer the following advice for must-haves in the dorm or student house:

  • Television — A good-size TV can be a difference maker. Tether it to a laptop to get bigger and better picture for virtual lectures. Today’s smart TVs will give your kid all of the streaming options they need to stay entertained between classes. A Hisense H4G (available at and Costco instore and online) is equipped with Roku, is full HD and has all the inputs your child needs to hook up their gaming system or computer. And at 43 inches, it’s a good size screen for a dorm room.
  • Good Headphones — Whether it is sitting in on a virtual lecture or winding down and listening to their favourite songs, a good set of headphones are a must. Blue tooth headphones can connect to their smartphone, laptop and even their Hisense TV. It will also allow them to focus on what they are doing, and not annoy any roommates with their ambient noise.
  • Mini Fridge — Students in residence cannot live on cafeteria food alone. Even if sharing a house with a roommate who likes to cook, a personal fridge will give your child a place to keep their own food or drink and stash their leftovers. It’s convenient, will cut down on potential arguments with roommates who like to raid the main fridge and it can also serve as a tabletop surface for storing items.
  • Cleaning Supplies — It’s not all fun and games. Mom and dad won’t be around to clean up anymore, so it’s a good idea to equip your student with some basic cleaning supplies so that they can keep their space neat and tidy. Include a disinfecting cleaner, dust mop and pre-moistened cloths they can use to keep their high-touch surfaces clean.
  • Personal Touches — A dorm room can be pretty sterile. Send along some family pictures, some art from the home or even a potted house plant or two to give the student housing space a little more character and atmosphere from home.
  • Dehumidifier — Chances are , whether in a dorm or an apartment, students have little control over the climate in the room. They can maybe fiddle with the temperature, but they are at the mercy of the building’s HVAC system when it comes to the humidity. A dehumidifier will help regulate the moisture in the air — and can be invaluable in a small space bathroom.

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