Sofia Family Digital Activity Manager Announced To Manage Access To Digital Activity

When Bill Connors and Ryan Gallagher found themselves arguing with their kids about screen time every night, these tech-savvy dads wanted to do something about it. That’s how the Sofia Family (TM) Digital Activity Manager was born. 

Today, Sofia Family goes live  so parents can be some of the first to use this groundbreaking new product with their own families, particularly as they become increasingly worried about how to keep their kids focused during this year of COVID- related online school or hybrid schooling. The Sofia Family Digital Activity Manager is a welcome solution. 

Gallagher has been testing the Sofia Family Digital Activity Manager with his own family for months now, which uses the Sofia Family Hub, a small piece of smart home hardware that sits near your TV or media center. The Hub manages access to the TV, and to all the video devices connected to the TV with HDMI cables (such as game consoles, media streamers, cable / satellite TV boxes, disc-players). In combination, the Sofia Family Hub and App provide one complete simple time management solution that works across all device types kids use, whether they’re on or offline, and cannot be circumvented by smart, sneaky kids. 

Then, parents manage all devices, including mobile and computer devices, as well as devices around the entertainment center, from one place: their own smartphone or tablet. 

Connors knows that the Sofia Family Digital Activity Manager is not a replacement for parenting. “It is, however, a smart tool to help make our jobs as digital parents a little easier, and more importantly, raise kids who will be screen-balanced adults.” 

For more information, please visit

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