Proof That Apple’s T2 Security Chip Is Pwnable Has Surfaced…. Apple Now Has A SERIOUS Problem

Yesterday I posted a story on news that Apple’s T2 Security chip that is used in a lot of Macs is vulnerable to attacks, and the issues are “unfixable”. Apple hasn’t commented on this, but I think they will have no choice but to comment now seeing as proof of a zero interaction attack has surfaced. A group calling itself the T2 Exploit Team has demonstrated a way to do so without user intervention using a modified USB-C cable:

A second video proves that it succeeded by modifying the Apple logo seen during startup.

You can read the blog post here that has additional details. But this is now a very serious problem for Apple. The fact that they can pwn a Mac without user intervention, and that info is basically available means that no Mac using a T2 chip is safe. Apple needs to respond to this to detail how they are going to protect their Mac user base from this attack as Apple’s usual strategy of silence isn’t going to work this time.

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