Guest Post: BDI Has The Details Covered In Terms Of Your Home Theater Upgrade

These days entertainment options are severely limited. Most movie theaters, sports arenas and other entertainment venues are closed or tickets expensive and hard to come by. Add in Hollywood’s halt on new theater releases, film and television production and a home theater set up/upgrade becomes a vital element to an enjoyable winter. There’s no better way to upgrade your entertainment space than with BDI’s highly functional, beautiful entertainment furniture, which is available at retailers and e-tailers across the country. In case you are planning a story in which one or some of these pieces may be useful, here are some excellent tips and options from BDI (

First, take inventory. No matter where one’s sports and movie-viewing area will be, the media console is vital—it will store and hide the components and their wires.  A media console should offer features designed to extend the life of the components inside, while looking good doing it. Determine the space needed to store the system by taking stock of your electronics, including speakers, cable box, streaming devices, Blu-Ray, etc.

Next, set the stage for entertainment. It’s worth the investment upfront to select a media cabinet—like the Corridor 8179(available in a mew Natural Walnut in Nov. 2020)—that has a timeless design and offers great functionality that can be at home in your spaces for many years. Even with streaming technology, modern-day entertainment setups still come with a lot of cables, so an integrated cord management system will keep everything bundled and neat. Additional features to look out for include:

BDI’s media cabinets feature ventilation panels, both inside the cabinet and on the backside, will prolong the life of your equipment by letting air easily pass through, keeping components cool.

Remote AccessibilityBDI’s Elements 8779 media cabinet doors are specially designed to allow sound and remote signals to flow through help hide components inside while giving you full access to everything within.

Adjustable shelves provide adaptability. The space can be modified to suit the user’s needs. 

For some, an audio tower is crucial. The Corridor 8172 (available in natural walnut November 2020) offers beautifully designed customizable storage for audiophiles—perfect for keeping AV components, media and vinyl record organized.

BDI cabinets factor in ease of use, as seen on this Corridor. Hidden wheels and feet levelers ensure the cabinet can maintain even footing on uneven surfaces.

Additional furniture to complete the look:

center coffee table, like the Terrace 1150from BDI, is a great place to display keepsakes, hide away remote controls, or stage your latest meal around the TV. Side tables also play double duty for storage or providing surfaces for drinks and your own homemade movie theater popcorn.

Brand new for Fall 2020, the Tanami Bar (matching media console available) is one of three offered by BDI. No family room on a weekend night is complete without it! Behind the fluid design of its sculpted doors is ample storage for everything a fully stocked bar needs.

With a little planning and the right high-quality furniture, the entertainment experience is one that may give cinemas temporary competition… yet can bring lifelong enjoyment!

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