Soroc Technology Partners With IGM Financial Inc. To Deliver End-to-End IT Services

Soroc Technology today announced a partnership with IGM Financial Inc. (IGM), one of Canada’s leading diversified wealth and asset management companies.

As part of this relationship, Soroc is managing all of IGM’s day-to-day mobile, laptop, collaboration and IT support requirements for the company’s 10,000 employees and financial advisors.

Soroc has already begun delivering a full suite of IT services and offerings, including procuring hardware, software and other computing supplies and servicing employee and client technical support issues that arise. This has resulted in faster turnaround times at IGM for equipment repairs and more choice when it comes to hardware and software needs. 

Soroc’s services are playing a key role in IGM’s ambitious five-year digital transformation initiative, which it began implementing in 2018.

Soroc Technology is a full-service IT firm that works closely with its clients to achieve whatever is necessary to develop, set up, and maintain full IT services. Their goal is to help their clients realize their best through the most appropriate technology. For nearly 35 years, Soroc Technology has been delivering cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions to its clients. They have built trust and earned and sustained their position among the leading IT solution and service providers by expanding their knowledge and skill and continually growing their business to support their client’s needs. Their services span the entire inception to completion process, and they can support any stage of the IT infrastructure lifecycle. They handle planning, procurement, deployment, support services and environmental disposition. 

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