ServiceNow & Workplace From Facebook Expand Integrations To Improve The Employee Experience

ServiceNow and Workplace from Facebook today announced new integrations designed to create great experiences for the growing distributed workforce. Together, ServiceNow and Workplace from Facebook will help make work, work better for people by enabling organizations to streamline communication between executives, departmental leaders, and employees to create more meaningful, employee‑first experiences.

The new capabilities enhance an existing ServiceNow Virtual Agent integration. With Virtual Agent, employees can request support, receive updates on in‑progress requests, and connect with live agents when needed—all without leaving Workplace. Enhanced capabilities include:

  • ServiceNow Employee Campaigns integrated with Workplace from Facebook: Companies can now distribute relevant content to employees directly through their Workplace experience, as well as other channels, making it easier for employees to stay informed, engaged, and productive from anywhere and across any device.
  • Workplace from Facebook Integration Spoke: Available as an IntegrationHub Spoke, customers can quickly create new integrations for Workplace from Facebook to meet their unique and evolving employee experience needs.

ServiceNow and Workplace already work with some of the biggest and most respected companies around the world. Together, the companies serve customers across all industries, including Sun Life Financial, Telenor Group and Petco.

study by MIT shows that companies delivering on employee experience can double customer satisfaction and increase profitability by 25%. For employees ‑ both those in desk‑based roles and on the frontlines ‑ IT tools must be consumer‑grade: easy to use, integrated, and omnichannel.

The pandemic has proven that proper communications to employees must be a coordinated effort between all departments. IT, HR and workplace services leaders can no longer work in silos and must invest in integrated technology to foster an inclusive, connected, and more productive organization.

For more information about the Virtual Agent integration, the Workplace from Facebook Integration Spoke, and ServiceNow Employee Campaigns, click here.

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