Trump Declares Twitter A National Security Threat After #DiaperDon Trends On Twitter…. WTF?

President Donald Trump has officially jumped the shark now. I say that because he spent last night railing against Section 230, which is part of a law that allows tech companies to set their own rules about how they regulate content on their platforms. This because he was upset that #DiaperDon started to trend on Twitter because of a sometimes-tense news conference in which Trump snapped at the Reuters White House correspondent Jeff Mason, who asked the president whether he would concede if the Electoral College voted to officially make Joe Biden the winner of the US election, as it is scheduled to do on December 14.

Here’s a look at what #DiaperDon looks like on Twitter. It’s kind of funny actually.

You know, this guy has the thinnest orange skin I have ever seen. He clearly can’t take any criticism, and he lashes out in ways that lack any logic. Just because he doesn’t like a hashtag that is trending on Twitter doesn’t mean that social media is a national security threat.

But in all seriousness, bias in social media against Conservatives is a very common trope by Conservatives. And I would have one piece of advice for them seeing as any sort of bias against Conservatives seems not to be there. Crying wolf about censorship is a self-defeating strategy that will only make people not listen when it actually happens.

2 Responses to “Trump Declares Twitter A National Security Threat After #DiaperDon Trends On Twitter…. WTF?”

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