Cisco Doubles Down On Webex Ecosystem & Accelerates Webex App Hub

Announced today at WebexOne, the all new Webex is not just a powerful suite of apps, it is also a platform that helps everyone to have a seamless experience as they move between Webex and their other favorite apps. Their platform starts with a powerful programmability and extensibility layer via their open APIs and SDKs.  This lets anyone get the capabilities they need with Webex– across calling, messaging, meetings, devices, intelligence and analytics. 

To ensure everyone can benefit from this platform, today they’ve announced the new Webex App Hub. Available today, the App Hub is where we make it easy for users to find and use integrations within a Webex messaging space, and soon you’ll be able to experience the same thing in a Webex meeting. Users will be able to easily add and collaborate with third-party applications while in a Webex meeting, then save the work to follow up afterwards. Of course, the App Hub also is great for IT managers who are looking to make native integrations company-wide.

Today Cisco announced the following upcoming integrations, and many more will soon follow:

Box: Get the most of your Webex meetings with content stored in Box. Currently, Box and Webex are integrated such that you can easily share and manage Box content when you’re in Webex. They are now taking this integration to the next level so that from within Box, you get embedded access to Webex enabling you to start or schedule a Webex meeting, and share content with a Webex Space – either with an existing Space or a newly created Space – all without leaving Box. All Webex content sharing events are captured in the Box activity feed.

Dropbox: For Dropbox users, the powerful integration coming between Dropbox and Webex will help drive more effective meetings. Click and select a file in Dropbox to share during a Webex meeting. Leverage Dropbox  in Webex to easily capture notes, agendas, and follow-up tasks to share with the team or move from chat to a meeting without leaving the Dropbox UI. Meeting artifacts like presentations and recordings are accessible in Dropbox before, during and after meetings.

Miro: Harness the power of visual thinking and team collaboration by using Miro within Webex. This integration allows you to embed any Miro board directly inside of your Webex project space for everything from ideation and workshopping to product planning and design without ever leaving your meeting.

MURAL: Offering an enhanced layer of engagement to video meetings from within Webex, MURAL helps distributed teams share, think, and solve problems together through visual collaboration. The integrated solution will give every team member a voice and makes remote planning, Agile ceremonies, design sprints, brainstorming sessions, and client collaboration more productive and fun.

Salesforce:  Bringing Webex and Salesforce together can make sales activities and motions 10x better and help drive quotes to cash. Within Salesforce, your Webex meetings, messages and calls will be associated with Leads and Opportunities.  These custom Webex objects will be delivered through the Salesforce AppExchange.​

ServiceNow: Webex integration with ServiceNow incident management means Webex actions related to Meetings, Calling and Messaging become “in agent” workflows, eliminating manual repetitive tasks and context switching.

Workplace from Facebook: Workplace and Cisco are coming together to improve employee communications for all organizations, particularly those with frontline employees and distributed teams split between working in-office and from home. Now, joint customers can broadcast Webex video live to Workplace and users will also be able to interact (like, comment, react, ask questions, use polls, etc.) during Webex broadcasts, for real-time engagement. Upcoming product experiences will include being able to use Workplace with Webex hardware, and Workplace live engagement features being brought into the Webex experience. Additionally, we have announced a combined offer: Webex customers who are new to Workplace will receive six months’ access to Workplace Advanced at no cost. Workplace customers who are new to Webex will receive special discounts off Webex software and hardware devices (all offers subject to limitations).

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