Healthcare, Research & E-commerce To Face Heightened Security Risk In 2021: Trend Micro

The latest 2021 predictions report from Trend Micro found, a new wave of threats will emerge, and organizations will face new challenges brought on by shifts to both remote work and priorities of organizations and governments. The widespread reliance on the cloud to conduct business will also create new vectors for breaches and attacks by criminals, leaving security teams scrambling with decreased economic resources.

Some of the other predictions from Trend Micro include:

  1. Threat actors will turn home offices into their new criminal hubs
  2. The Covid-19 pandemic will upend cybersecurity priorities as it proves to be fertile ground for malicious campaigns
  3. Teleworking setups will force organizations to confront hybrid environments and unsustainable security architectures
  4. Governments will face a tug-of-war between upholding data privacy and ensuring public health
  5. Attackers will quickly weaponize newly disclosed vulnerabilities, leaving users with a narrow window for patching
  6. Exposed APIs will be the next favoured attack vector for enterprise breaches
  7. Enterprise software and cloud applications used for remote work will be hounded with critical class bugs

All of that is going make 2021 a very “interesting” year for those in charge of defending companies against these sorts of things.

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