Darktrace Shares What’s In Store For 2021 With Cyber Security Predictions

As one truly unpredictable year comes to an end and we look ahead to 2021, questions around the future of cybersecurity in Canada are at the forefront. If this year is any indication, organizations need to prepare for a future of increasing online operations. 

World-leading Cyber AI company Darktrace has pulled together their predictions for the top cyber trends in 2021, including:

Cyber-attacks taking off in space

  • A growing number of space organizations have adopted AI to autonomously defend their space infrastructure and we will see this trend grow in 2021 as cyber-attacks in space take off
  • Hackers will target “trust,” using illegitimate access to computer networks not to steal data, but to subtly alter information and undermine its integrity
  • We can expect attackers to launch trust attacks against businesses as well as national governments, seeking to smear business’s reputations or disrupt economic activity

 A new wave of 5G

  • 5G will enable a massive increase in connectivity, emboldening hackers to launch more ambitious attacks

Internal security investigations will be performed by AI

  • A mutually dependent partnership of human and AI will be the bedrock of cyber security in 2021 and beyond

What’s clear is that 2021 is going to be a year where companies have to make sure that their cyber-defenses have to be in tip top shape or they may become a statistic as well as having their company being severely impaired by threat actors.

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