Digital Defense Joins Microsoft Intelligent Security Association

Digital Defense, Inc., a leader in vulnerability management and threat assessment solutions, today announced its membership in the Micrcosoft Intelligent Security Association(MISA) and technology integration between its Frontline Active Threat Sweep (Frontline ATS) and Microsoft Defender for Endpoint. The combined solution increases Microsoft Defender for Endpoint’s proven security coverage and efficacy beyond other endpoint detection and response solutions, offering comprehensive endpoint protection for joint clients.

MISA is an ecosystem of independent software vendors and managed security service providers that integrate their security products and solutions with Microsoft’s to better defend against a world of increasingly sophisticated, fast-moving threats.

Frontline ATS complements Defender for Endpoint capabilities by identifying passive or dormant attacks that leverage dwell time to evade traditional security monitoring solutions. As a result, users no longer have to wait for an indicator of compromise to determine that their systems are infected. With the combined capabilities, customers have one of the most proactive solutions for identifying compromised systems and enabling security teams to be even more proactive in preventing breaches.

Additional joint solution benefits include:

  • Better visibility and early detection of passive and active threats.
  • Enhanced threat detection by combining targeted active threat scanning with AI-based behavioral anomaly detection, malware signature and file analysis.
  • Rooting out of small passive attack artifacts that are extremely difficult to find and planted by attackers for infecting or even re-infecting assets.
  • Identification of out-of-date or disabled endpoint protections to quickly flag at-risk devices and prioritize investigation and remediation.
  • Immediate clean-up of infections before patching efforts can be implemented.
  • Proactive analysis of assets for indications of a malware infection before other agent-based security tools can be deployed.

For more information about the Digital Defense Frontline Active Threat Sweep and Microsoft Defender for Endpoint integration, visit: or the Microsoft AppSource:

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