Rogers Ignite No Longer Uses Flash…. With Days To Spare

Much earlier this year, as in the second of January, I highlighted the fact that Rogers was still using Flash in its Ignite TV web product. I found this to be weird as Flash was due to die in 2020 due to the fact that Flash was a security risk of epic proportions. Well, it’s taken most of the year, but this thread on DSL Reports indicates that Flash is finally dead when it comes to Ignite TV web. Though I will note that Rogers kind of cut it close as every major browser was going to kill Flash by the end of the year. But at least they, or rather Comcast as that’s who really makes the Rogers Ignite product got it done.

For the record, Flash was replaced with HTML5 which means that the Ignite TV product is now compliant with common web standards and should work with any browser. That is a good thing.

UPDATE: The Rogers Community Forum also has a confirmation. But it is interesting that Rogers themselves hasn’t said anything about this as you would think they would want to say something and put a positive spin on this. That I think says something.

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