Trump Administration Serves Up Appeal To Fight Injunction Blocking Them From Nuking TikTok

Just when you thought it was over. It isn’t. In the dying days of the Trump Administration, an appeal has been filed to take out a ruling that prohibited certain restrictions regarding TikTok:

The appeal challenges a Dec. 7 preliminary injunction from US District Court Judge Carl Nichols, which prevented the US Department of Commerce from enforcing rules that would have made it illegal for infrastructure companies to carry TikTok’s network traffic.

That ruling followed an earlier injunction that prevented the Commerce Department from banning downloads of TikTok from US app stores.

I really don’t see the point of this. These people are less than a month before they are footnotes in history. Why even bother with this? Are they only interested in getting a win? I don’t get it. This seems like a waste of time and taxpayer money to me.

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