Finnish Parliament Pwned…. Likely By State Sponsored Hackers

The Finnish Parliament said on Monday that hackers gained entry to its internal IT system and accessed email accounts for some members of Parliament (MPs):

Government officials said the attack took place in the fall of 2020 and was discovered this month by the Parliament’s IT staff. The matter is currently being investigated by the Finnish Central Criminal Police (KRP). In an official statement, KRP Commissioner Tero Muurman said the attack did not cause any damage to the Parliament’s internal IT system but was not an accidental intrusion either. Muurman said the Parliament security breach is currently being investigated as a “suspected espionage” incident. “At this stage, one alternative is that unknown factors have been able to obtain information through the hacking, either for the benefit of a foreign state or to harm Finland,” Muurman said. “The theft has affected more than one person, but unfortunately, we cannot tell the exact number without jeopardizing the ongoing preliminary investigation.

Hacks like these are getting to the point where they are becoming so common that it’s now just noise. And that’s a problem because every one of these hacks needs to be taken seriously. Which means they need to be looked at with urgency and corrective action needs to be taken quickly. Especially given who got hacked in this case. But it is safe to say that it’s likely a nation state behind this hack and there would be a small list of suspects that would be responsible for this.

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