BREAKING: Microsoft Pwned By Russian Hackers…. Source Code Allegedly Viewed

This isn’t a good way to end the year. The news is breaking that Microsoft has admitted that they were hacked as part of the huge Solarwinds hack. And the results are not good:

While the hackers, suspected to be working for Russia’s S.V.R. intelligence agency, did not appear to use Microsoft’s systems to attack other victims, they were able to view some Microsoft source code by hacking into an employee account, the company said.

Microsoft had previously said it was not breached in the attack, which compromised dozens of federal agencies, as well as corporations. Microsoft said its subsequent investigation revealed that the hackers were not able to access emails or its products and services, and that they were not able to modify the source code they viewed.

This is far from good. If the hackers saw source code, they could exploit it to attack anyone with a Microsoft OS or product installed. That’s pretty scary. I suspect that we’re going to find out more details about this in the coming days. And those details will send chills down the spines of security experts everywhere.

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