BREAKING: Twitter Locks Trump’s Account For At Least 12 Hours

Twitter has finally decided to take action against the Twitter account belonging to President Donald Trump because of the violence that happened today, and which was largely instigated by Trump. Twitter explained this move in a series of Tweets:

Here’s the problem with this. Donald Trump’s Twitter account has been a source of hate and despicable behavior for years. Everybody knows this. But it took the events of today for Twitter to finally do the right thing and shut this clown down. While that’s better than Facebook who has never done anything about Trump, and it is true that Twitter has flagged many of Trump’s Tweets for some time now, Twitter could have and should have done more. We might not be here watching the violence that is unfolding in Washington D.C. had Twitter done something earlier. To be clear, I am not blaming Twitter for what has and is happening today. But they could have done far more and far sooner. And the net result might have been that we might not be talking about this violence now.

UPDATE: Trump has apparently deleted the Tweets that prompted this action from Twitter.

UPDATE #2: YouTube and Facebook have taken down videos related to this incident. In a related note, Trump may get his Twitter account back at any time. God help the planet when that happens.

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