AirPods Max Have A Potentially Fatal Flaw

Word is starting to surface that Apple’s insanely priced AirPods Max has a fatal flaw. It collects moisture in between the ear cup and the headphone itself. And the heat is being turned up on Apple by YouTuber Painfully Honest Tech among others who are now advocating that owners push Apple to do something about this, or avail themselves of the return policy that Apple offers. Here’s what Painfully Honest Tech had to say:

Here’s the thing. He’s right. Apple needs to deal with this immediately. They cannot and should not be allowed to dismiss the concerns of the owners of a $550 USD pair of headphones. Apple has a history of trying to brush away concerns like this. But this will not end well for Apple if this story gains momentum. Which it will by people like Painfully Honest Tech and yours truly keeping it in the public eye. As well as potential buyers thinking twice of buying this clearly defective pair of headphones.

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