Guest Post: OVHcloud Illustrates Why Canadian Businesses Need To Properly Scale Online To Maintain Consumer Revenue

With the holidays now behind us, data over the final quarter of 2020 showed a significant increase in online shopping in Canada – a testament to the new normal we now find ourselves. As the increased desire of consumers to buy during these peak moments is fantastic for online retail it also brings with it the challenge of not only managing this online traffic, but retaining it. This is where setting the foundation of a strong cloud infrastructure comes into its own.

Global cloud leader OVHcloud, which offers dedicated servers, cloud and web services and is continuing to make waves in the Canadian market, encourages a few key practices businesses can implement moving forward, including:

  • Ensuring a seamless experience online 
  • After a period of just three seconds, a user leaves a page if it loads too slowly. Retailers therefore need to prepare their websites so that they can absorb peak loads and load times do not suffer significantly from the increase in simultaneous connections.
  • Understanding the public and private cloud and what works for your business 
  • Businesses need to better understand what capabilities work best to handle additional resilience against traffic fluctuations. A public cloud can most easily adapt to an increase in resource demand while the private cloud is more readily available as a dedicated resource pool for an organization, offering a high level of security, control and flexibility.
  • Thinking ‘small but mighty’ with performance
  • If you’re a smaller online retailer, virtual private servers (VPS) are valued as a cost-effective alternative, while another way to optimize the performance of a website without necessarily changing the infrastructure is to use content delivery networks (CDNs).

It’s clear from this that businesses need build their infrastructure, maintain this momentum and retain customers choosing to shop online well into 2021. And OVHcloud can help them with that.

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