Parler’s CEO Has Apparently Been Shown The Door

John Matze, CEO and co-founder of far-right friendly social media platform Parler, said on LinkedIn Wednesday that he has been terminated. Here’s what Axios has to say:

Parler has been at the center of controversy since Amazon Web Services, Apple and Google unplugged the network last month for its lack of content moderation related to the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. In a memo obtained by Fox News, Matze said that the company’s board of directors, controlled by Republican political donor Rebekah Mercer, terminated him last Friday. He did not participate in the decision, and the reason for the firing remains unknown. 

“Over the past few months, I’ve met constant resistance to my product vision, my strong belief in free speech and my view of how the Parler site should be managed,” Matze wrote. “For example, I advocated for more product stability and what I believe is a more effective approach to content moderation.” “I have worked endless hours and fought constant battles to get the Parler site running but at this point, the future of Parler is no longer in my hands.” Matze will take a few weeks off before looking for new opportunities, he told Parler colleagues.

In terms of him finding new opportunities, given the current political climate that may be a challenge. Though if something from a right leaning organization presented itself to him, that may be his best option in terms of a next gig.

But in terms of why he was fired, perhaps it’s something like this.

First of all, the CEO has one job, and one job only: they are expected to make the company a success and grow shareholder value, and they are the ones responsible for everything.

In this case, he “implemented a system of content moderation that he believed was more effective.” Clearly it was not as Parler was Thanos snapped off the Internet. The results are Parler lost access to their core infrastructure and their name and brand is utter garbage across the country. Many people had never heard of Parler before this, but now they have and that’s not the best impression to make. This directly affects shareholder value and thus he was shown the door. As a bonus, having him exit shows shareholders that Parler is going to go in a new direction to get some value back. That’s my take. But what do you think? Leave a comment and share your view.

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