SquadCast: Podcasts Evolve With High Fidelity Video Collaboration

SquadCast, a SaaS-subscription remote recording platform provider, announced today SquadCast version 3.0 Beta, including Studio Quality Video Recording. The new version – currently available for customers – will be released for general availability in Q1 2021. With the addition of high definition (HD) remote video recording capabilities, SquadCast’s offering will directly challenge Zoom and Skype – products with a larger market share, but a lower quality audio experience.

Podcast consumption has reached 100 million American users and continues adoption as the world is doing more online collaborating remotely. As the podcast market explodes, so does the demand for quality remote recording. A new category has emerged to address the quality gap: Remote Content Production. SquadCast is a market leader in this category with over 12k customers across 123 countries, including marquee brands such as Microsoft, Spotify, ESPN, NPR, iHeartRadio, Kara Swisher, and Shopify.

According to The State of Podcast Interviews 2020SquadCast.fm is the fastest-growing podcast interview platform, growing 141% in 2020. And the demand for video usage in podcasting is up — 12% in 2020 to 36% of all podcasts incorporating video.

Zoom and Skype Not Prepared to Meet Demand for Quality Remote Audio & Video Recording

Well-known recording platform players like Zoom and Skype are ill-equipped to meet the demand for quality audio & video performance. Because both companies process their audio over the Internet, their recordings are vulnerable to poor connections and, therefore, quality. Additionally, a lack of advanced technology to record high-quality audio and video content makes those offerings fraught with issues such as audio drift and a propensity for incomplete audio files due to Internet disconnections. With SquadCast, there are no audio syncing issues, no lost recordings, and no worries for remote guests.

SquadCast’s podcast solution is known for its intuitive audio recording platform that helps podcasters easily connect with their guests to record studio-quality content remotely. SquadCast’s “virtual studio” is used by Independent, Professional, and Enterprise podcast creators to record podcasts remotely. With the addition of video recording, podcast creators will now be able to distribute to other channels like YouTube and social media apps to reach a wider audience.

SquadCast’s version 3.0 Beta with Studio Quality Video Recording consumer plans start at $40/month up to $300/month and offer:

  • Separate iso-track video recorded locally in 720p;
  • Same patented recording engine with lighting fast video rendering;
  • Improved onboarding experience for hosts & guests.

Differentiators: Patent-Pending Progressive Uploading, Audio Drift Solution & Downloadable ISO Tracks

SquadCast is the only podcast recording service that offers patent-pending Progressive Uploading and a solution for audio drift. SquadCast’s Progressive Uploading feature uploads audio files conversations in the background, in real-time. When a conversation is finished, it only takes a few seconds for the audio files to be accessible. Customers will never lose recordings in cases of spotty or dropped Internet connections. SquadCast records all participants in the session locally on separate tracks and automatically uploads the files to the SquadCast cloud. Once a recording is done, the host can download all audio files of the full conversation directly from SquadCast in WAV & MP3 format for audio and MP4 & WebM for video.

SquadCast’s other unique differentiator addresses common audio recording timing issues, known as audio drift when the connections slip out of sync. The company is also building a reputation for making post-production a breeze, which is especially helpful for podcasters with multiple shows. SquadCast enables optimal collaboration for big production teams.

For more information, go to www.SquadCast.fm.

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