Toronto’s Top Super Bowl Ordering Trends On SkipTheDishes

Super Bowl LV may look a little different this year but one thing we can count on—the snacks. SkipTheDishes is delivering from your favourite Toronto restaurants, going beyond the endzone and right to your door for the big game this Sunday.

To kick-off the celebration, SkipTheDishes tackled the data on Toronto-area ordering trends for last year’s Super Bowl. The huddle is real on these numbers:

  • There was an almost 15% increase in Toronto orders during Super Bowl 2020 compared to the week before…looks like Torontonians were in total feast mode for the game!
  • When we stack up the numbers on total burgers vs. wings ordered across the Skip network, it’s a dead heat—at just over 11,000 orders for each, this one is too close to call. We’ll leave it up to a coin toss for who wins this one! 
  • For game-day favourites, some of the most popular nacho orders across Canada included nachos grande, chili cheese and an honourable mention for nachos fries, while the MVP of wing flavours was the always-classic hot wings
  • Torontonians were wide-open for deliveries at game time with 64% of orders placed on Superbowl Sunday happening during the game! 
  • Toronto’s top three items during last year’s game were:
    • Chicken burgers
    • Wings
    • Chicken nuggets

Will this year’s deliveries break 2020’s record of kilometres travelled, or yards gained, for 2021 orders? SkipTheDishes be watching the data to find out!

To make this year’s game extra special, you’ll see SkipTheDishes on your TV’s throughout the pregame and throughout the game with their new Jon Hamm spot going live during the game.

And throughout COVID-19, SkipTheDishes has been hungry to help—that’s why they have given over $43 million million back to their restaurant partners and communities through commission rebates and order-driving initiatives across the country since March 2020. 

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