#FAIL: Apple Maps Shows Canada’s Highway 401 As Highway 403

Apple Maps has had its share of #Fails over the years. But this specific #fail hit home for me personally yesterday. My wife called me from our car yesterday because Apple Maps was directing her onto highway 403. The thing was she was on highway 401 at the time and she didn’t know if she was doing something wrong. Because we both share the locations of our Apple Watches and iPhones with each other, I was able to use the Find My app on my MacBook to see where she was. From the looks of it she was on highway 401. But for some bizarre reason it was labeled as highway 403:

The MacDonald Cartier Freeway is highway 401 as per this Wikipedia article. But you can clearly see that it is labeled as highway 403. That’s a highway that branches off highway 401 just west of Pearson Airport and heads south and west toward the city of Hamilton Ontario and overlaps the Queen Elisabeth Way. Now locals would know this and not really care. But if you are passing through the province of Ontario and relying on Apple Maps for directions, that’s a #fail. And if you rely on directions as a means to feel safe like my wife does, that’s a #fail as well. So hopefully Apple fixes this quickly as this would be a server side fix for them. Though in the grand scheme of things, it’s not as bad as some other Apple Map #fails that I’ve covered on this blog.

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