My EDC (Every Day Carry) For 2021

Even though there is a global pandemic going on, I do have to leave the house from time to time. And the stuff I take with me is high tech in nature. So I thought that it would be interesting to document my every day carry or EDC and see what comments that you had about what I carry. Let’s start with my phone:

My current phone is the iPhone 12 Pro. It covers my needs for a fast phone with great cameras, lots of storage, and an amazing screen. I always keep my phones in a case, and my case this time around is the Spigen Tough Armor which has a kickstand for watching media hands free. But more importantly promises twice the military standard for drop protection. Seeing that this phone is insanely expensive, protecting it is top of mind. To add to that protection, I have a Spigen Glas.tR EZ FIT screen protector on it so that scratches on the screen are a non-issue and it gives the screen some extra resilience.

I also go out with my Apple Watch Series 6 with cellular as that’s a great way to stay in touch without carrying my phone if I choose to do that as I can stay in touch minus my phone. It also keeps track of all my health metrics as that’s important to me these days as I am working very hard to get into better shape and lose weight. Before the world started ending, I used to change my watch bands to match my mood or to match an event that I am going to. These days I generally leave on a Nike Sport Band that I got as a gift from a client. But if you want to see my current collection of Apple Watch bands, you can have a look at them here.

My keys are the next things that I grab. Besides having actual keys and a key fob for my condo, I have the following:

  • To keep track of them as keys are easy to lose, I have a white Tile Pro tracker. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve misplaced my keys, and the Tile has helped me find them quickly and in the process keep my sanity.
  • I have this pen that I got from Amazon that allows me to always have a pen on my person, and to not to have to use a pen that might have been touched by another person. That’s important these days seeing as there’s a global pandemic going on.
  • I have a this tiny flashlight that I got from Amazon. It’s surprisingly bright and has come in useful a few times for looking into computer cases or looking for something on the ground in the dark.
  • There’s a 8GB USB key that is shaped like a key which has some personal items on it.
  • In case I need to do something with a client that requires storage, I have a Sandisk Extreme Pro 128GB USB drive which is a recent addition to my EDC that will come in handy when the world stops ending.

One thing that I have done with this keychain setup is to make it a two piece affair. I used a clasp from another keychain that I had lying around to pull that off. That way I can leave things like USB stick, flashlight, and pen at home if I want to travel lighter. Such as going on a bike ride for example. Or I can detach my keys to use the USB stick in a computer.

Even in the era of paying for things with your phone or watch, you need to have a wallet. That’s why my wallet of choice is the Bryker Hyde 2 ID Window wallet. It’s feels really upscale via the quality leather that the wallet uses, and has more than enough space for all my cards and ID. It does have RFID blocking capabilities. But one has to question if that’s really required as evidenced by this article. But having said that, it allows me to do this with it.

I put a Tile Slim tracker in it so I can keep track of this wallet as I have a habit of misplacing it in my condo. It’s super loud and it may even come in handy to track it should I be pick pocketed as Tile has a huge community of users who can help you to find things. In my immediate area there are 4300 or so Tile users. So that could come in handy some day as Tile has a large community users to help you find your lost items.

On my car keys I have Tile Pro trackers on them for the same reason why I have them on my house keys. The cool thing about the Tile Pro trackers is that it is waterproof and has a replaceable battery. So I can get some long term use from them.

That’s my EDC or every day carry. What do you think? What do you think I should add to it? Drop a comment and share your thoughts.

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