Apple Has Fixed The Apple Maps #Fail That Displayed Canada’s Highway 401 As Highway 403

Earlier this week I reported an Apple Maps #Fail where Highway 401 was being reported as Highway 403 which isn’t a trivial error. I can now report that this has been fixed as of this morning. Here’s what it looked like when I discovered this issue:

Here’s what it looks like today:

Now some of you might still see Highway 403 listed in some places of Apple Maps. That’s due to the fact that the incorrect map appears to be cached on your device. To clear that up, I switched views on my MacBook Pro:

I switched from default to satellite and then back and that displayed Highway 401 properly. If you are on an iOS device, you need to click on this icon in Apple Maps that I circled rather badly:

That will bring up this dialog box:

Simply switch from map to satellite and then back again and this should force it to update.

NOTE: You may have to do this over separate sections of the map as Apple appears to break the overall map up into smaller chunks. Also if you are running a navigation session, it appears to auto update the map on the fly.

That was a quick fix by Apple. And it should have been seeing as it was a server side fix. So kudos to them for fixing such an embarrassing screw up so quickly.

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