Guest Post: Hisense is Canada’s Fastest Growing TV Brand

Among the top 15-selling television brands in Canada, none had faster growing sales in 2020 than Hisense.

According to The NPD Group’s Canadian Consumer Technology Retail Tracking Service, Hisense was the fastest growing TV brand in unit sales over the course of 2020.  

“It is exciting to see Canadian consumers looking to a brand that offers both quality and value,” says Meaghan Wilkinson, Senior Director of Sales and Marketing for Hisense Canada. “Hisense is one of the top TV brands in the world, but we are relatively new to the incredibly competitive Canadian market. As more Canadians see what a Hisense TV adds to their viewing experience, I think we will continue see steady growth.” 

Hisense offers a full range of TV options, to fit every budget, need or room size: 

  • Laser TV — The Hisense Laser TV is redefining the big screen. This next-generation projection TV boasts 4K HDR on screens up to 120 inches. And unlike a traditional projector that mounts on the ceiling or at the back of the room, this one sits right under the screen. It features everything needed for the ultimate home theatre experience — more than a billion colours brilliantly displayed in UHD and HDR, smooth motion with no lag and a great view no matter where in the room you are sitting. Equipped with androidTV, you can stream more than 500,000 shows, movies and popular apps to your massive screen. 
  • QLED — The Quantum Dot technology in Hisense QLED TVs produces pure red, green and blue lights for a picture that is brighter, crisper and sharper. It is the perfect television for watching a movie, following along with your favourite sport or playing video games. HDR 10+ runs a scene-by-scene adjustment to create an image that is far more realistic. Access all of your favourites with androidTV and built-in Google Chromecast. 
  • UHD TV — The 4K Ultra HD TVs from Hisense have a resolution four times greater than a regular HD TV, with refined clarity for the finest details. A wide colour gamut ensures a vibrant picture — the rich red of roses, grasslands in stunning greens, the brilliant dep blue of the ocean. Dolby Vision™ gives the UHD TV better brightness, colour and contrast. They also come equipped with androidTV and built-in Google Chromecast, providing access to thousands of your favourite TV and movie titles.
  • Full HD — The entry-level category for Hisense still packs a big punch. It HD TVs are smart and sophisticated. The Master Pro video engine elevates the picture quality for richer colours, vivid contrast and clear motion. They also come equipped with either Hisense’s proprietary VIDAA U (which was designed in Canada) or Roku operating systems to allow you to access all of your favourite content.

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