OVHcloud Introduces Managed Bare Metal Essentials Offering Announced

With the increasing shift to remote-work and the boom in online services, companies have had to accelerate their transition to the cloud to stay competitive. The benefits of such a rapid transition – time savings, increased productivity, reduced operating costs, etc. – are clear, however, deploying such solutions still remains a major challenge for small and medium-sized businesses businesses. The key takeaway: the transition needs to be run on a flexible, scalable, easy-to-manage infrastructure that allows an organization’s technical skills to be focused on the company’s core expertise and not on IT administration.

To effectively and sustainably support small and medium-sized enterprises in their cloud projects, OVHcloud has developed the Managed Bare Metal Essentials offering.

This new offering includes:

  • A complete and ready-to-use infrastructure (Bare Metal dedicated servers, dedicated datastore storage space, network and virtualization licenses) hosted and managed in OVHcloud data centres
  • Supported automation and orchestration of the infrastructure 24/7
  • VMware virtualization technology, which allows the customer to size and manage virtual machines with ease

Managed Bare Metal Essentials is the best option for growing companies looking to access a scalable, dedicated cloud environment with guaranteed resources and high availability. The solution helps to control budget costs with clear price predictability. 

Jonathan Druker, Product Marketing Manager, OVHcloud has this comment: 

“This new offer is OVHcloud’s answer for companies in many sectors, from small to medium sized businesses, who need to access an affordable, secure, scalable cloud environment with dedicated resources. With Managed Bare Metal Essentials, we offer customers a service that joins the benefits of a trusted, ready-to-use private cloud, with no concessions on performance or availability.”

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