Primus Permanently Removes Data Overage Charges On All Internet Plans

Following the recent acquisition of Primus Telecommunications by Distributel Communications Limited, comes more good news from this award-winning independent service provider: Primus is permanently removing data overage charges on all of their capped internet plans.

Earlier this year, Distributel brought together the strength of two prominent Canadian telecom companies through their acquisition of Primus to build an even stronger brand. The acquisition not only brings customers greater access to residential and business services, but it also continues the great traditions that Distributel has established – ones that offer fairness and greater value to Canadians from coast to coast.

Primus temporarily removed data overage charges in March 2020, but today they join Distributel as the only large ISP to make this decision permanent, thereby eliminating all internet overage fees. 

This decision will help Canadians who are working from home, learning from home or staying connected from home without ever worrying about the costs associated with their internet plan. 

This change is effective immediately across all capped plans, and no further customer action is required.

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