TikTok Canada Announces Self-Serve Platform + TikTok Marketing Channel In Shopify App Store Are Now available in Canada

Today, TikTok Canada has announced that the Shopify integration with the Self-Serve Platform and TikTok marketing channel on the Shopify App Store are now available in Canada!

This partnership was part of a global effort previously announced in October 2020 and the updates are now available in Canada. This is great news for business owners of all sizes in Canada, as it is now easier for Shopify merchants to connect with and be discovered by TikTok’s highly engaged users.  

Self Serve Advertising Tools enable advertisers of all sizes and budgets to easily and efficiently use the TikTok advertising platform to place ads on their own. Introduction of new tools and features designed for small businesses that make it easier than ever to get started such as fast set up, flexible business, and creative tools to easily design engaging creatives. Key highlights include:

  • Creative tools: TikTok has a suite of creative tools that enable every marketer to embrace the creativity and authenticity of the TikTok community. Everyone has the opportunity to tell their story, and TikTok’s creative tools help brands represent the most authentic version of their brand.
  • Flexible budgetsTikTok Ads Manager was designed for fast set up for every level of expertise. Flexible budgets allow businesses to adjust their spending at any time.
  • Performance targeting: Intelligent targeting enables businesses to get discovered by new engaged audiences.

Through the TikTok channel, Canadian merchants can access core functions of the TikTok For Business Ads Manager all from within Shopify. Highlights include:

  • New, “1-click” pixel: Shopify merchants can install or connect their TikTok Pixel with the click of a button, making it quicker and easier to track conversions.
  • A One-Stop-Shop for TikTok Campaigns: Merchants can create campaigns, target audiences and track performance in one place.
  • Creative Made Simple: Everyone has a story to tell on TikTok, and the TikTok channel enables Shopify merchants to create native, shareable ads that resonate with the community. TikTok’s intuitive creative tools help turn merchants’ products into high quality TikToks in minutes.
  • Advanced Matching: This new TikTok Pixel feature enables Shopify merchants to send hashed customer information to more effectively track conversions from TikTok ads and retarget audiences while maintaining user privacy. 
  • Ad Credits for Merchants: Eligible merchants who spend $27 in 14 days will receive $132 in ad credits to jumpstart their first TikTok campaign.

For more information, please visit TikTok’s Newsroom Blog Post.

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