Metrolinx Announces Pilot For Contactless Payment On Greater Toronto Transit Systems

It seems that Metrolinx is finally hearing the voices of those who want options other than the Presto card to pay for transit. I spotted this post on the Metrolinx website this morning announcing a pilot project where people will be able to pay for transit on the UP Express transit line that runs between Pearson Airport and Union Station in Downtown Toronto:

Starting today (Mar.11), customers can use their physical credit card or the credit card in their mobile wallet to pay for their fare on UP Express as part of a pilot – some call this ‘open payment’.

For the same price as the PRESTO adult fare, UP Express customers can tap on a PRESTO device with a Visa, Mastercard or American Express credit card or their phone or watch with a mobile wallet like Apple Pay or Google Pay.  

That means more choice and convenience for customers – for those who are taking essential trips right now, and to be ready for when more customers return.

At some point in the spring, Interac Debit will be added to the mix. And when it is deemed to be a success, it will be rolled out to other Transit agencies like the Toronto Transit Commission and Mississauga Transit.

I will note that support for this appears to be rolling out as the Presto app on my phone was updated last night denoting support for this pilot project:

But given how bad transit projects are managed by Metrolinx, and the Presto card has been known to be so unreliable that my wife among many other has two or more Presto cards on her person at all times just to be able to take transit, who know if or when that will roll out to every transit agency in the Greater Toronto Area, and if it will be reliable when launched. So I am not holding my breath in terms of having this happen quickly. And I am not holding my breath about it being reliable out of the gate. But I guess it’s something to eventually look forward to.

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