You Can Now Use A Contactless Payment Method To Pay For GO Transit, Brampton Transit, MiWay, & Oakville Transit

There was news from Metrolinx which runs public transit in Greater Toronto and Hamilton area that you can use a contactless payment method to pay for transit. Meaning a debit or credit card, or Apple Pay, Google Pay. Now this is only supported at this point on GO Transit, Brampton Transit, MiWay, & Oakville Transit. But support for more transit systems is promised. This adds to support that is already in place for the UP Express which is Toronto’s express train from Person Airport to downtown.

You can find out more about this announcement here. But I for one will not be using this. Not only do I already have a Presto Card which makes this announcement irrelevant to me, Metrolinx has a pretty craptastic history of rolling this stuff out as evidenced here. What I would like to see Metrolinx do is roll out support for having your Presto card in your Apple Wallet for example as that would likely be more appealing to many. But seeing as this is a feature that has been desired by many for years and Metrolinx seems not to be interested in doing it, I am not going to hold my breath for that.

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