BREAKING: 800K Canadians To Be Locked Out Of Their CRA Accounts Tomorrow

From the “this does not inspire confidence” department comes news that 800,000 Canadians will be locked out of their Canada Revenue Agency accounts tomorrow due to “cybersecurity risks”. This sounds similar to what happened less than a month ago where 100,000 other Canadians had their accounts locked as their credentials were allegedly floating around the dark web. Those who are affected by this will get instructions as to how to unlock their accounts.

I’m sorry, but this is once again a #fail on so many levels.

  1. Simply sending an email out saying that your Canada Revenue Agency account has been locked is going to freak people out. That’s because the history of the Canada Revenue Agency when it comes to IT security quite frankly sucks as they have been repeatedly pwned by hackers.
  2. Clearly their defenses are so poor that they clearly have to resort to locking out accounts. That’s pretty poor.

The fact is that the Canada Revenue Agency needs to really explain this. They can’t keep resorting to locking to accounts to solve what is clearly a larger IT security issue. So they need to step up their game otherwise they will not be trusted by Canadians.

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