Computer Maker Acer Gets Pwned…. Data Held Ransom

According to Bleeping Computer, a group of hackers known as REvil has gained access to Acer private company network and is holding sensitive data hostage for $50 million USD. REvil announced the attack on the dark web earlier this week that the group had compromised Acer, and even posted a few images for proof. 

Acer is one of the world’s top PC makers so this needless to say is not good to say the least. It is entirely possible that this attack may have been orchestrated by exploiting one of the four Microsoft Exchange vulnerabilities that Microsoft recently publicized the existence of and also released patches for. Acer has until March 28 to pay the ransom before REvil leaks all the data it stole online. So this is in short, extortion. As for what Acer has to say, they only said this:

When asked about the In response to BleepingComputer’s inquiries, Acer did not provide a clear answer regarding whether they suffered a REvil ransomware attack, saying instead that they “reported recent abnormal situations” to relevant LEAs and DPAs., Acer wouldn’t admit that it was a ransomware attack, only telling Bleeping Computer in a statement that it has “reported recent abnormal situations observed to the relevant law enforcement and data protection authorities in multiple countries.”

That my friends pretty much confirms that they were pwned. The question is, will they pay up. They shouldn’t. But companies do all the time. Which is why these attacks work.

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