Salesforce’s Trends In Manufacturing Report Released

For manufacturers across Canada, the pandemic has exposed weaknesses surrounding how we produce goods. 2020 really highlighted Canada’s dependence on the manufacturing sector to keep our economy operational, and thus highlighted the importance of ensuring this sector, including all facets of oil & gas, is at the top of its game.

In this new age, what’s becoming infinitely clearer is that Canadian manufacturers need advanced manufacturing technology to deliver premium products, achieve superior operations and meet our country’s needs.

To help manufacturers navigate the road ahead, today Salesforce is releasing its first-ever Trends in Manufacturing Report, a survey of 750 manufacturing leaders globally (including 50+ Canadians), to help guide decision making around the growing need, and in fact opportunity, to become “future ready”. 

Here are the key points:

he Manufacturing C-Suite is focusing on optimizing processes and adapting demand planning

  • 77% of Canadian manufacturers say digital transformation is their top priority for improving operations
  • Eight in ten global manufacturers (81%) say they need both new approaches and new tools for accurate forecasting. 
  • 95% percent of global manufacturers admit to applying manual approaches to their forecasting, with less than half of manufacturers using mostly-automated tools. 
  • In response, 81% consider moving their planning process to the cloud is a critical or high priority
  • Over half of global manufacturers rely on a primary manual process for generating quotes/proposals, prioritizing leads/opportunities and determining what action to take on accounts
  • Canadian C-suite manufacturing  executives say the following is critical or high priority over the next 24 months:
    1. Increasing process efficiencies (82%)
    2. Demand planning (82%)
    3. Digital transformation (86%)
    4. New service offerings  (86%)

Changes to customer-facing roles are here to stay

  • 31% of global manufactures say COVID significantly changed their need for improved marketing/customer communications and 30% of manufacturers say COVID significantly changed their need for customer service capabilities
    • Over half of manufacturers consider the changes to customer service and sales capabilities to be permanent.
  • Legacy tools and siloed operations are among the biggest hurdles
    • 44% of Canadian manufacturers consider legacy tools and dispersed data serious challenges.

Take a look at the key data here:

  • Trends in Manufacturing Report blog post here;
  • Trends in Manufacturing full report here;
  • Interactive research dashboard w/ Canadian specific data here.

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