Parler Referred Violent Content to the FBI 50 Times…. And Their Users Are Mad

Apparently Parler users don’t like the fact that Parler from all appearances are trying to be a better online platform when it comes to policing the behavior of their users. It appears that the right wing social media platform has referred violent content to the FBI at least 50 times prior the January 6th riot in Capitol Hill that resulted in the deaths of five people.

Parler, which faced significant backlash in the wake of the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol by former President Donald Trump’s supporters, referred violent content to the FBI at least 50 times prior to the pro-Trump riot, The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday. The social media site shared a link to the article, drawing backlash from some members of the online platform. Parler has built its platform by positioning itself as being opposed to censorship and staunchly in favor of free speech.

“In reaction to yesterday’s news stories, some users have raised questions about the practice of referring violent or inciting content to law enforcement. The First Amendment does not protect violence inciting speech, nor the planning of violent acts. Such content violates Parler’s TOS. Any violent content shared with law enforcement was posted publicly and brought to our attention primarily via user reporting. And, as it is posted publicly, it can properly be referred to law enforcement by anyone. Parler remains steadfast in protecting your right to free speech,” Parler posted on Saturday in response to criticism.

But some users of the site were still unhappy with Parler’s decision.

“I don’t like snitches,” user MelodySuarez wrote in response to the explanation.

Snitches? Really? It seems to me that Parler users are confusing the right to free speech with the right to break the law and not suffer any consequences for it. But maybe I am looking at this wrong. I should also note that Newsweek reported something similar in an earlier article. And Parler users had this to say:

One user wrote: “To confirm, you are calling for an investigation into big tech collusion while you are colluding with the FBI against your platform members?” Another user wrote: “This is NOT an example of a free speech platform. Parler is a fraud.”

When you call everything and everyone else a fraud because they no longer fit your world view, maybe you’re the fraud. Just a thought.

It seems to me that Parler’s near death experience has made it figure out it has to behave a lot better or cease to exist if they don’t. Parler users aren’t thrilled with that so here we are talking about it. It also means that these users will end up abandoning the platform and going to some other platform which fits with their world view where this will start up all over again.

Fun times.

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  1. […] to change the the narrative. Or maybe Parler actually is becoming more responsible as evidenced by this. Who knows? But this might be interesting to watch as I believe that the answer will become clear […]

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