Upgrade Movie Nights With These Portable Projectors From Phillips

With a rich heritage in vision products, Philips is a trusted trendsetter. In a year of many challenges and changes, the company has perfectly caught the wave of a booming trend, projection. Philips Projection is now launching 6 new types of NeoPix Home Projectors and PicoPix Portable Projectors that will be available at special prices from April 2021.

How consumers access and view content has radically shifted as Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube came of age via streaming. Streaming and subscription platforms now dominate media consumption, streaming and beaming are made for each other. The gaming industry has also significantly changed over the years and has evolved to a continuously growing 200 billion market. Mobile gaming is currently the fastest growing sector of this followed by console gaming. 

Boasting vibrant images and booming sound the NeoPix and PicoPix Collections transform digital devices with small screens such as laptops by easily connecting and projecting expansive projected media up to 120”. The NeoPix Collection is designed for entry-level consumers looking to elevate their visual experience, while the PicoPix Collection is thoughtfully crafted for those always on the go and want to share their media with peers and project anywhere they want.

The new feature-packed range unlocks online streaming, casting the images and setting them free from small screens. Projection is ideal for families and groups to enjoy immersive viewing together. Not only are projectors audience inclusive but so too is the new range of devices. Philips offers a diverse choice of features, price points, and use cases, we might say, “compact in size and compact on price”. 

Meet The Next Generation Of Home & Mobile Projectors

This mobile projector is compact but very powerful as it displays content with true Full HD 1080p up to 120” with lifelike colors thanks to the 4Ch LED. The PicoPix Max One is for the value-centric consumer, as it retains the same PicoPix Max light power and resolution, yet delivering the experience at a lower entry cost. The battery life of the PicoPix Max One lasts for an extended period of 5 hours, the perfect companion for work and play. This device comes with a USB-C port for seamless connection between laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other devices.

Get the PicoPix Max One for only $529.99.

Neopix Ultra 2

The Neopix Ultra 2 will truly elevate users’ viewing experience with its True Full HD 1080p Resolution up to 65”. This device utilizes a range of connection options such as Dual-Band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and an integrated multimedia player. Neopix Ultra 2 also comes with snazzy pre-loaded apps like Youtube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and more making the setup process a breeze.

Get the Neopix Ultra 2 for only $349.99.

NeoPix Ultra 2TV

This state-of-the-art home projector provides a captivating Android TV (via Dongle) experience in Full HD 1080p up to 120”. Consumers need not worry about lag time as this device is packed with dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and HDMI & SPDIF. No speakers? No problem! The NeoPix Ultra 2TV delivers booming sound with its 2x15watts surround and bass boost for maximum power with a dedicated DSP. Enjoy content based on personal preferences with its vertical and horizontal keystone.

Get the Neopix Ultra 2TV for only $399.99.

PicoPix Micro 2TV

This projector is designed for those always on the go. The PicoPix Micro 2TV is the most compact projector in Philip’s new line. This fun-sized device is a super bright Android TV-based projector with a USB type C video port and HDMI. It’s small but mighty, with its long-lasting battery projecting up to 4 hours on an 80” diagonal.

Get the PicoPix Micro 2TV for only $399.99.

NeoPix Prime 2

Take things up a notch while keeping it simple with the NeoPix Prime 2. Similar to the NeoPix Easy 2+, this device comes in an ultra-portable 8.6×6.6×3.5inch body. Don’t judge this innovation by its size as it delivers True 720p Resolution for a projection up to 80”,  WiFi screen mirroring, Bluetooth, and HDMI connectivity. Never run out of things to view again as this device is packed with pre-loaded applications such as Youtube and Netflix. This innovative home projector allows users to share the sound or keep silent with its built-in 3.5 jack for speakers or a personal headset.

Get the NeoPix Prime 2 for only $199.99.

For more product information, please visit http://www.usa.philips.com/c-m-so/projectors.

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