ESET Introduces A Windows Security Application For ARM Devices

Technology moves at a fast pace, and when the next generation hits the market the masses get excited at what it has in store.

When Microsoft launched its laptops equipped with ARM processors, the chatter was dominated by the LTE connectivity — including 5G — and very long battery life. The safety and security of these ARM-based devices was, sadly, often an afterthought for consumers, and not wholly without reason. Not only were many antivirus solutions incompatable, the ability to run large applications remained a challenge, as speed was compromised and performance was downgraded.

But as with any connected device, there is always a need for protection from malware and cyberattacks.

Don’t be fooled into thinking new technology is immune to malware or cyberattacks. Malware authors are adept and can easily recompile their scripts for ARM-based devices, and many are no doubt ready to take a stab at the new ARM64.

There are also a slew of malicious websites, spam, phishing and scams that don’t care about the operating system or hardware platform used by potential victims.

To learn more about ESET’s ESET Endpoint Antivirus for Windows ARM devices, or to sign up for a free Beta license, click here.

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