TELUS Ventures Invests In Dark Slope’s Immersive Learning Lumerto Inc. Business

Spatial technologies company Dark Slope Inc. today announces the launch of Lumeto Inc., an immersive learning company deploying its XR learning platform to the health care and public safety sectors. Lumeto ( has been incubating inside of Dark Slope for eighteen months as it developed its core technology and built its first industry partnerships.

Alongside the launch the company is announcing the closing of its Pre-A round of financing, and is pleased to welcome lead investor Mars IAF as well as TELUS Ventures and Golden Ventures into its ownership group as it redoubles its development efforts on the rapidly evolving immersive learning industry.

Lumeto’s Involve XR is an open and flexible XR learning platform for institutions looking to deploy data-driven, enterprise-grade, immersive training and assessment across their workforce. The platform is initially tailored to institutions training frontline workers in the health care and public safety sectors. Involve XR is a next generation learning platform, delivering an unprecedented level of flexibility, customization, enterprise-grade security, data collection and analysis capabilities. The platform enables live or asynchronous simulation classes via VR, AR or flatscreen, as well as learner assessment and benchmarking, providing learners an efficient way to remotely and easily re-skill and up-skill. The company has signed agreements with partners representing more than 35,000 frontline workers – to be announced at a later date.

The company is happy to welcome new investors MaRS IAF, an early stage investor in IT, health and cleantech companies; TELUS Ventures, the investment arm of the dynamic, world-leading communications technology company; and Golden Ventures, a leading early-stage venture capital fund. In addition to MaRS, TELUS Ventures and Golden, the round includes participation by original investors Radical Ventures and Globalive Capital Inc., among others.

Additionally, the company is pleased to announce the appointment of Brice Scheschuk, Managing Partner at Globalive Capital Inc. and previous co-founder and CFO of Wind Mobile, to its board of directors. Michael Ho from MaRS IAF and Jon Wolkin from TELUS Ventures both join as observers to the board. They join current board member Wayne Purboo, former SVP Product of AT&T, observers Steven DeNure, co-founder and former president/COO of Wildbrain and a representative of Radical Ventures, as well as Raja Khanna, board chair and CEO.

Dark Slope was founded in 2018 on the belief that spatial computing, propelled by advancements in hardware, 5G, and real-time rendering platforms, was poised to become the fourth wave in computing after mainframe, desktop and mobile. Initially the company launched Dark Slope Studios, focused on developing applications and technology to power the future of entertainment, including the development of untethered VR, AR and mixed reality (MR) theme-park experiences, virtual productions and metaverse platforms. Dark Slope Studios ( continues under that banner and has recently announced a slew of new hires, and a 300% increase in year-over-year revenues.

Following this launch both entities, Dark Slope Studios and Lumeto, will be sister companies with separate operating teams, sharing a common shareholder group and common senior leadership.


Lumeto enables the future of work through its advanced XR simulation, training and skills assessment platform, Involve XR. The platform enables institutions looking to deploy data-driven, enterprise-grade, immersive training and assessment across their workforce. The company currently operates across the health care and safety fields, enhancing learning outcomes tied to individual and team decision-making, problem-solving, de-escalation and complex procedures. Involve XR enables enhanced levels of learner assessment and benchmarking, providing learners an efficient way to remotely re-skill, up-skill and study in live, synchronous, immersive, scenario-based learning environments. Lumeto is based in Toronto, Canada, and employs a global workforce. Visit to learn more.


Founded in 2018, Dark Slope Studios has continued to push the boundaries of multi-sensory entertainment center spectacles, virtual reality experiences, immersive games, and motion capture-driven virtual production for television. From it’s 8000 square foot studio, Dark Slope Studios leverages its warehouse-scale virtual production stage with proprietary pipeline, tools, workflows and game-engine technology in order to bring world class creative properties to life. Based in Toronto, and with a global workforce, Dark Slope Studios combines advanced technologies with compelling storytelling to reimagine the future of entertainment. Visit to learn more.

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