The Europeans Say That Apple Has Broken EU Competition Law

As of late, Apple has been facing a lot of scrutiny over issues related to anti-trust. And their problems just got worse as Apple has been found to be in breach of competitive law by the European Union. This came about via a lawsuit that Spotify filed against Apple a couple of years back. The European Commission has released a statement stating that Apple “has “abused its dominant position for the distribution of music streaming apps through its App Store.” The commission has found that Apple’s App Store policies give the company an unfair advantage. Effectively, they are a monopoly.

Apple for its part, rejected this charge:

“Spotify has become the largest music subscription service in the world, and we’re proud of the role we played in that,” it said in a statement.

“They want all the benefits of the App Store but don’t think they should have to pay anything for that. The Commission’s argument on Spotify’s behalf is the opposite of fair competition,” it added.

Apple will be called before the commission to defend its actions. If found guilty, Apple could be fined up to 10% of its annual revenue from the App Store. But you should keep in mind that this sort of thing takes years and Apple will appeal any ruling that goes against it. So if you’re Spotify or even Tile who are among a number of companies who have issues with Apple, a speedy resolution to this isn’t going to happen. But we should all stay tuned anyway as this is sure to have far reaching effects elsewhere.

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