New LinkedIn Data Reveals What Canadians Value In A New Job

After a year of unprecedented conditions, a number of Canada’s Top Companies are shaking up how they structure their worksites and workdays, with many planning to offer more flexible and hybrid remote/in-person roles even after the pandemic is over.

So, are they giving people what they want? In the latest edition of the Workforce Confidence Index, LinkedIn looked at what Canadians say they value most in a new job – and how that varies across industries.

  • Nearly half of respondents from Canada’s workforce said that having flexibility over their working hours and location and finding work/life balance had become more important value propositions in a new job after the pandemic than beforehand.
  • 40% of respondents say benefits – such as health care and paid time off – were also more important than they were pre-pandemic, while just over a third said the same was true of salary and workplace culture.
  • Roughly a quarter of respondents overall said a company’s visible commitment to diversity and inclusion was more important to them than it was before the pandemic, while 35% had a heightened focus on building transferable skills.

For the full results, visit here.


LinkedIn’s Workforce Confidence Index is based on a quantitative online survey that is distributed to Canada-based members via email every two weeks. Members are randomly sampled and must be opted into research to participate. Students, stay-at-home partners & retirees are excluded from analysis so we’re able to get an accurate representation of those currently active in the workforce. We analyze data in aggregate and will always respect member privacy.

Data is weighted by engagement level, to ensure fair representation of various activity levels on the platform. The results represent the world as seen through the lens of LinkedIn’s membership; variances between LinkedIn’s membership & overall market population are not accounted for. 1725 workers in Canada were surveyed from March 13-April 9 for the research on what the workforce values in a new role.

The LinkedIn Omnibus Research on how jobs have changed is from March 2021, with n>50.

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