Analytics Suggest 96% Of U.S. Based iOS Users Leave App Tracking Disabled in iOS 14.5

Apple’s App Tracking Transparency feature has been available to iPhone users for a couple of weeks now. And early metrics suggest that an overwhelming 96% of users in the U.S. leave app tracking disabled. In other words, 96% of iPhone users do not want to be tracked at all. This comes from analytics firm Flurry who looked at 2.5 million users in the U.S.

In short, only 4% of users opted into app tracking in the U.S. When looking at users worldwide who allow app tracking, the figure rises to 12% of users in a 5.3 million user sample size. Flurry’s figures also show a stable rate of app-tracking opt-outs. The U.S. figure hovers between 11-13%, and 2-5% worldwide.

Flurry themselves point out what is at stake here:

With opt-in rates expected to be low, this change is expected to create challenges for personalized advertising and attribution, impacting the $189 billion mobile advertising industry worldwide. 

In other words, if you’re Facebook, and your revenue model relies on being able to track users all over the Internet, you have a serious problem. And it highlights that users on the iOS platform overwhelmingly value their privacy above all else.

If you want to learn more about App Tracking Transparency and how you can disable it or enable it on an app by app basis, I wrote an article about it here.

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