ServiceNow Has Acquired Lightstep

Leading into the first week of ServiceNow’s Knowledge 21 digital event, ServiceNow today announcedthat it has agreed to acquire Lightstep, a San Francisco-based disruptor in the observability space. The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed, but this is one of ServiceNow’s largest acquisitions to date.

Lightstep solidifies ServiceNow’s position as the world’s leading enterprise platform for digital business. ServiceNow is already a recognized market leader in IT service management, IT operations management and digital workflows. With Lightstep, an emerging pioneer in next generation application monitoring and observability, ServiceNow will help software developers build, deploy, run, and monitor state-of-the-art, cloud-native applications.

Customers will be able to more easily monitor and respond to critical signals and indicators of software health using Lightstep’s capabilities with ServiceNow’s IT workflow solutions’ ability to weave disparate elements into a seamless digital fabric. This gives business the confidence and clarity to drive faster innovation and better outcomes across the entire digital experience.

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