ServiceNow Knowledge 2021 Kicks Off

Today, ServiceNow kicked off its Knowledge 2021 digital experience, announcing new innovations designed to help solve organizations’ most pressing challenges – from supporting the delivery of millions of COVID vaccinations across the globe to facilitating the phased return to the workplace and accelerating digital transformation for a new era of work.  

Highlights include: 

  • Accelerating global vaccination efforts: ServiceNow today announced new capabilities to its Vaccine Administration Management solution that enhance scheduling and inventory management to make COVID-19 vaccines more accessible, especially for individuals who lack internet access, eliminating key barriers to vaccine distribution. More information is available HERE
  • Powering digital transformation in manufacturing and healthcare industries: ServiceNow is extending the power of its Now Platform to two new industries, including Manufacturing and Healthcare and Life Sciences, to help manufacturing companies including Siemens Energy digitally transform their businesses for long-term growth and help healthcare organizations enhance the patient experience to power the healthcare ecosystem of the future. More information is available HERE
  • Helping organizations safely bring employees back to the workplace: ServiceNow is expanding its Employee Workflow capabilities, with a new planning tool within the Safe Workplace Dashboard to help companies make more informed decisions about returning to work and a Neighborhoods feature for Workplace Service Delivery to help organizations manage flexible seating and prevent overcrowding. More information is available HERE
    • ServiceNow has seen an over 45% increase in Safe Workplace and Workplace Service Delivery app usage since the beginning of 2021, with companies like BankUnited, Uber, and ENMAX using ServiceNow to plan for a new era of work. 
  • Improving the development of cloud-native applications with insight-driven, action-oriented workflows: ServiceNow’s acquisition of Lightstep announced this week combines next-generation observability with the world’s leading enterprise digital workflow platform.With this acquisition, ServiceNow will help software developers build, deploy, run, and monitor state-of-the-art, cloud-native applications with insight-driven, action-oriented workflows.  

There’s more to come from Knowledge 2021 so stay tuned for more.

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