Irish Health Service Pwned By Ransomware

Ireland’s national health service has shut down its IT systems following a “human-operated” Conti ransomware attack, causing a Dublin hospital to cancel outpatient appointments. The news came to light via Twitter:

CNBC has more details:

The Irish Health Service Executive said there was a “significant ransomware attack” on its IT systems, without commenting further on specifics.


Ireland’s vaccination program has not been affected and appointments will go ahead as planned, but the registration portal has been taken offline. Doctors also can’t refer people for Covid-19 tests, so patients have been told to use walk-in testing centers. HSE said its ambulance service was operating normally.

Dublin’s Rotunda Hospital, a maternity hospital, said all outpatient visits for Friday have been canceled, except for women who are 36 weeks pregnant or later. All gynecology clinics are canceled.

And this attack is described as “very sophisticated” as described by Paul Reid HSE chief exec:

Ransomware attacks on healthcare environments are becoming more of a preference for the criminal gangs that do these attacks because it is perceived that healthcare environments are more likely to pay up. Which means while everyone needs to up their game when it comes to cybersecurity, healthcare environments need to do even more as this one appears to hurt.

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  1. […] surgeries and other procedures have been cancelled. Which makes this event non-trivial. This is the second health group in the last week or two to be hit by ransomware. That highlights the fact that everyone needs to up their cybersecurity game to stop themselves […]

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