Facebook To End Special Treatment for Politicians….. But You Should Still #DeleteFacebook

A report claims that Facebook plans to end its controversial policy that shields politicians from the content moderation rules that apply to other users, a sharp reversal that could have global ramifications for how elected officials use the social network:

The change, which Facebook is set to announce as soon as Friday, comes after the Oversight Board — an independent group funded by Facebook to review its thorniest content rulings — affirmed its decision to suspend former President Donald Trump but critiqued the special treatment it gives politicians, stating that the “same rules should apply to all users.” The board gave Facebook till June 5th to respond to its policy recommendations.

Mark Zuckerberg is notorious for not wanting to do anything in terms of policing free speech on the Facebook platform. So if this actually happens, this would be one hell of a reversal. But I don’t expect it to happen. Which means that you should still #DeleteFacebook as that platform isn’t worth being part of.

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